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BlipMe - Your Campus, Your Map

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Vývojář: Blip Inc

BlipMe is the best way to connect with your campus community. Share and discover what’s happening on your campus right now.

Use BlipMe to:

*Doing something fun? See something hilarious or newsworthy? Got an opinion that you want to share? Post it on the map! Your classmates will appreciate it.

*Explore what’s happening around you in real-time. Events, breaking news, pick-up games, parties, free food…every time you check the blip map, you’ll have something new to see or do!

*Comment on blips to ask questions, make plans, say thank you, etc. Or add a photo if youre nearby!

*Follow your friends and favorite people so you never miss a chance to have fun again

*Fill up your blipmoji backpack by collecting nearby blips while youre out exploring. Compete with friends to see who can fill up their backpack first!

No sign-up necessary to view the map.

Want to bring BlipMe to your campus and land an internship in the process? Send Michael an email at michael@blipme.co with a response to the following: What makes your campus unique and why are you the best person to bring BlipMe there? If he likes your answers, he might just make it happen